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Guangzhou Guang color Advertising Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Guang color Advertising Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou wide color Advertising Co., Ltd. is located in the East Long Industrial Zone of Fangcun, Guangzhou, founded in 1988, with high-end advertising and research and development products as the mainstream, advertisers from the oil station, mobile, subway, banking, and 4S stores. Product mainstream acrylic furniture, gathering all over the country media, soft clothing, TV stations, hotels, clubs, bars, villas and other advanced places to use, is popular in Southeast Asia. Designers are constantly developing new concept products, leading the development of the industry with quality design, replacing the wooden structure with the concept of environmental protection, thus changing the moment of historical testimony.

Acrylic colloquial (organic glass) its characteristics are not fragile, light transmittance of ninety-two percent, the company for its more than 20 years of use of anatomy, its effect can be "the king of plastics" the name, no matter advertising, furniture industry is abandoned. The company follows the traditional craft to make the product display like crystal, "precision" lies in the craft, "simplicity" lies in lines, "glittering" lies in glittering and translucent, and "eyes" lie in the focus. Savoring life and enjoying life, Guangzhou Canton color Advertising Co., Ltd. is looking forward to creating a sparkling world with unlimited characteristics.






Exhibition, display, new materials for environmental protection

Concerned about the acrylic industry to respond to "low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving"

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  • Acrylic properties and their acrylic physical features
    Acrylic properties and..
    Time: 2018.01.06
      聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯 (Polymethylmethacrylate,简称PMMA,英文Acrylic),又称做压克力或...
  • What are the uses of organic glass?
    What are the uses of o..
    Time: 2018.01.06
     Glass, such an ordinary thing, can be seen everywhere in our daily life. PMMA has many excellent properties, making it...
  • The difference between the organic glass products and the ordinary glass
    The difference between..
    Time: 2018.01.06
      Plexiglass and ordinary glass look like a family. In fact, they are completely different. The "father" of ...
  • Application and attention in acrylic furniture
    Application and attent..
    Time: 2018.01.06
    In the online search for half a day, we have seen how many kinds of acrylic products, what is the best thing to do, whic...
  • How to select material for acrylic display rack to produce excellent display value
    How to select material..
    Time: 2018.01.09
    The acrylic display frame is becoming more and more widely used, such as cosmetic display, jewelry display, digital prod...
  • What is the impact of acrylic products on the development of advertising industry?
    What is the impact of ..
    Time: 2018.01.06
      Acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass, is a by-product of petroleum. The main raw material is MMA particles, and the...
  • First set yourself a small goal, such as buying a set of acrylic furniture first.
    First set yourself a s..
    Time: 2018.01.05
      Wang Jianlin warned young people: don't worry, when you are the richest person in the world, set a small g...
  • The first choice of the modern fashion furniture of acrylic furniture
    The first choice of th..
    Time: 2018.01.05
     Now people are getting higher and higher in the design of creative works, and the pursuit of new things is always bori...
  • How to avoid deformation and design of acrylic display frame
    How to avoid deformati..
    Time: 2018.01.23
     How does acrylic display rack avoid deformation and design? In most cases, the function of stimulating consumers' ...
  • How about the load of the acrylic display frame? Cant bear much weight?
    How about the load of ..
    Time: 2018.01.06
      Is it good to show the weight of the acrylic frame? In the process of promoting the popularity of the promotional pr...
  • Difficulties in making acrylic products
    Difficulties in making..
    Time: 2018.01.06
     One, thermoforming: as the name suggests, acrylic hot molding, one of the ways of making acrylic, is the process of be...
  • Why choose the use of acrylic extrusion plate
    Why choose the use of ..
    Time: 2018.01.05
     The consumers who choose acrylic Extrusion board are sure to know the benefits of these boards. In fact, for consumer...




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