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How to select material for acrylic display rack to produce excellent display value

Date of release:2018-01-09 Author:admin Click:

The acrylic display frame is becoming more and more widely used, such as cosmetic display, jewelry display, digital product display, mobile display, high grade wine display, high end watch exhibition. The acrylic display frame can be seen everywhere. Then how can the acrylic display rack be selected so that the product can produce excellent display value?

1. material selection. The materials for making acrylic display rack are of high and low grades. The materials used also include raw material plates, leftover materials, recycled materials, and scrap plates. The acrylic display rack, which is made of all raw materials and made of plate, has high transparency and strong toughness. It is required to foil the high quality of the product. It is the first choice for the production of high grade display frame. The acrylic display rack made of leftover material and regenerated material is usually used for mid-range display products. This part has a high requirement for the shape of the organic glass display frame, which mainly focuses on the display of the products. The display shelf products made of waste are less on the market, mainly for some low-grade display shelves without other requirements. According to the requirements of customers and display the characteristics and requirements of products, choose suitable high and low grade materials, so as to save production and processing costs.

2. color selection. Each company has its own corporate culture and reference tone, the choice of the visual system with the corporate culture of the unified color, so that the acrylic display frame can effectively form the perfect unity with the enterprise culture, make the display products into the enterprise visual system, enhance the value of the product display price.

3. design the display frame conforming to the product. According to the shape of the customer's product, a reasonable and suitable model of the Alex display frame is designed, saving the material to avoid unnecessary waste and reducing the production and processing cost of the product.


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