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What is the impact of acrylic products on the development of advertising industry?

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Acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass, is a by-product of petroleum. The main raw material is MMA particles, and the chemical name is methyl methacrylate. The applications include advertising production, decoration and decoration, hi tech industry and aerospace industry. The exhibits made from acrylic are about 100 years old, and the first market in Asia is Taiwan.

In recent years, it has been widely used in the mainland market. The following main introduction of the use of acrylic board in the domestic market: acrylic board in the country is divided into three major categories: one is import board; the two is the Taiwanese capital board; the three is the domestic board. The difference between them is the origin and purity of the raw materials used (MMA). This is also the key to decide the quality and price of sheet metal. The domestic imported acrylic board is made of two brands, Japan's MITSUBISHI (Japan's MITSUBISHI chemical) and Germany's Degussa. The so-called Taiwan capital board refers to the plate made of pure MMA material and Taiwan's technology and technology. Most of the moulds for making plates are made in England and Germany. The acrylic plate produced is uniform in color and no water marks, and the thickness error is small.

Type of acrylic:

Common brands in the market are Ruichang, Shen Mei, thousand colors, Daqi brocade and so on. At present, the market price is 26 - 28 yuan /kg. (its price is along with the rise and fall of oil) and some brands such as Tomson, Chuang ya, Luchuan and other brands, are also so-called Taiwanese capital boards, but the raw materials are MMA new materials, and the quality is good. The current market price is 20 - 24 yuan /kg. After the use of the color rhyme tablet machine, the effect is quite good. Domestic board refers to the raw materials used in the production of plate, one is made in China, the other is produced by two processing of PMMA. But the drawback is that the surface water marks are obvious, thin and uneven, easy yellowing, not suitable for plastic forming, only for carving. The advantage is that the price is low. The experiment on the color rhyme plate machine has been proved. There is a certain gap between the effect of the ejection and the import.

The characteristics of acrylic:

The overall advantages of acrylic board: good transmittance (transmittance can reach 95%), high temperature resistance, easy forming, water absorption and electrical conductivity. Flexibility, elasticity and impact resistance are 8 times that of glass. The thickness can be produced from 2mm - 8mm. The density is 1.2. The commonly used plate surface 2m*3m is more. Acrylic with its new appearance, diverse design, remarkable, unparalleled outdoor exposure, and in a number of advertising materials unique, more and more accepted and due to the vast number of users. According to statistics, the use of acrylic materials in foreign advertising industry is more than 80%, but in China, it seems that even 10% is not available at present. With the rectification and standardization of outdoor lamp box advertising, the billboard lamp box of spray painting materials will slowly withdraw from the market, which is a more environmentally friendly acrylic.

The impact of acrylic on the advertising industry:

Acrylic is very good in thermal plasticity, high surface gloss, good scratch resistance, easy to clean and maintain, and the waste material can be completely recycled, renewable utilization. With the construction and development of the city, the light box signboard made by acrylic is a new feature of the city. It adds brilliant color to the night of the city in the Second World War. It is separated for nearly half a century. Now acrylic has been used in various fields, service industry, manufacturing industry, and some governments. The door, acrylic now has already developed to several provinces and cities in China, and can see the relevant information clearly on the network. With the continuous renewal of the domestic acrylic market, it may be possible to develop all over the country in the next ten years. Now the acrylic market in the main countries is distributed in Southern China and central China. Area, acrylic density and material to consumers for various purposes. It has solved a lot of difficulties in consumption, the main series of acrylic, the series of organic glass household products, the series of acrylic display shelves (showcases), the series of organic glass cultural products, the series of acrylic medal medals, the series of acrylic hotel supplies, the acrylic photo frame series, the series of organic glass wine water signs, acrylic. Authorization card, distribution card series, acrylic identification board series, etc.

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