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Difficulties in making acrylic products

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One, thermoforming: as the name suggests, acrylic hot molding, one of the ways of making acrylic, is the process of bending or making different shapes and sizes through a mechanical way after heating the plexiglass sheet or sheet.

The first step of acrylic customized thermoforming is to cut the plexiglass sheet or sheet into a certain size, and then clamp it on the hot bend table or die frame, all or partly to soften it, and bend a small plate of part heating (usually straight line) to the required angle by mechanical way on the hot bend platform. When the heating mode is processed, the heated small pieces of material are usually pressed to tighten the mold surface, so that the shape of the mold will be similar to the mold surface. After cooling, the shape will be finalized and then finished by grinding and trimming. When pressurized, it can also directly pressurize the punch with the surface or adopt the method of vacuum drafting. The temperature and time of hot forming need good control, and the quality of the finished products will be directly affected by the control quality. Acrylic custom thermoforming generally uses normal temperature; it is recommended to use the lower limit temperature when the product is made by rapid vacuum and low drafting; and the production of complex deep drafting products should be heated to close to the upper limit. The specific temperature varies depending on the complexity of the product. Of course, all these require the accumulation of relatively long experience of technicians.

Two, machining - cutting: because of the good processing performance of acrylic board, in addition to the use of thermal molding and bonding process in acrylic, the mechanical processing is also a common process method.

Acrylic machining includes cutting, carving, hollowing and edge grinding. Commonly used equipment includes CNC and laser engraving and cutting machine. CNC is suitable for more efficient production, and laser engraving provides a convenient way to process complex structures near hollow and curved surfaces.

After years of development especially in recent years, the CNC and more advanced laser engraving equipment suitable for acrylic are constantly updated, the degree of automation and processing precision have been greatly improved, which provides a more efficient and better quality upgrade opportunity for the acrylic custom industry.

Three. Machining and polishing: one of the biggest characteristics of acrylic is high light transmittance. Its crystal and transparent properties are important reasons for the display customization.

In the process of acrylic customization, after making the size and shape of acrylic or profile through mechanical processing, it often needs to be polished to restore the characteristics of crystal translucent ice. Acrylic custom polishing is not like metal parts polishing, it does not adapt to the grinding method. The frequently used polishing methods of acrylic are cloth polishing, flame polishing and diamond polishing. All polishing processes require considerable experience. There is a saying in the industry, "good acrylic customized products, from a good polishing master", that is true.

Four, bonding: the biggest challenge in the acrylic customization process may be the bonding process. The bonding process is a very important process for acrylic. The bonding process also needs to maintain the crystal clear ice of the acrylic custom display frame, which can make the display products attract the customers' eyeballs and make the customers get the impression of the product.

During the bonding process, it is necessary to ensure the high penetration of the display rack, and the most important thing is to avoid bubbles in the bonding process. The bonding process requires different weather and materials to use different glue, temperature and time. The secret requires long hours of exploration and experimentation. Once a well-known American company, through their on-the-spot investigation, they distributed a relatively difficult product sample to 5 large acrylic customizing companies in mainland China to sample. At the end, no sample of a company was approved by them, the main reason was the emergence of bubbles in the bonding. They say that there are too many custom-made enterprises in China, and none of them has the real diamond. Through their American friends, they finally said let Shenzhen Li Ji company try. This one tries to make a difference. They say that there is no reason why China should have exceptions. Since then, the US company has been working with Shenzhen Li based plexiglass company to make customized cooperation on acrylic.

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