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Application and attention in acrylic furniture

Date of release:2018-01-06 Author:admin Click:

In the online search for half a day, we have seen how many kinds of acrylic products, what is the best thing to do, which can play the most important role, and recognize the appearance of acrylic as a new material. Many of them surpass the previous materials and save the cost, but nothing can be finished. Beautiful, there will always be defects. Acrylic products are no exception. Today, we focus on the places where acrylic is not recommended for family use.

1: often bear high weight furniture.

When it comes to what you will think of, the sofa, the bed and the place where the goods are placed, it is mainly about the couch, that is, the sofa, and why, because the acrylic products can increase the compression ability by adding some resin components, but the essence of acrylic is plastic, it is a kind of chemical. The hardness and strength of plastic made of raw materials will not exceed the essence of plastics. Therefore, it is not recommended for everyone to use acrylic products in this aspect.

Two: places often exposed to stains.

This is obvious. Generally speaking, the kitchen and dining table are easy to contact with stains. Why do these places also try to avoid the use of acrylic products, the reason is still from the essence of acrylic, plastic is afraid of stains "entangled", even like acrylic products resistant to strong stains, but also can not withstand repeated tossing. When a acrylic is stained with a stain, we wipe it out, but the chemical composition in the stain will react slightly to the resin inside, and there may be no obvious change in the one or two time. But if the quantity reaches a certain quantity, there will be qualitative change. Acrylic products will no longer be so luster, fuzzy, muddy, and so on. Therefore, these places do not recommend the use of acrylic products.

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