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How about the load of the acrylic display frame? Cant bear much weight?

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Is it good to show the weight of the acrylic frame? In the process of promoting the popularity of the promotional products, the acrylic display frame plays a subtle role in setting up a special cabinet in the large and medium large market supermarkets, which are designed well and well suited to the display of the brand image, with a unified image, a unified price and a unified policy to face the vast consumers, and to all over the world. A good brand concept of consumers is another important function of acrylic display props.

So what about the force of the acrylic show? It is necessary to think about the thickness of the acrylic display cabinet and the acrylic display frame, and the thickness is determined by the product which is loaded by the thickness of the acrylic display cabinet and the acrylic display frame.

The thickness of the acrylic display rack is not clear and standardized, and depends on the customer's load requirements. Generally speaking, 2mm can be used for decoration. If the load is at least 3mm, it should be determined according to the structure. The weight of 3mm to 5mm can be accepted. It is commonly applied to the weight of acrylic display products, such as shoes, cell phones, watches, jewelry and so on.

In addition, acrylic display frame strength more than a dozen times larger than the glass, acrylic material is also widely used in the building, home decoration industry, so its durability is not doubtful. D & D is a professional manufacturer of acrylic display frames, and is also an integrated consumer of acrylic sheet consumption and display.

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