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What are the uses of organic glass?

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Glass, such an ordinary thing, can be seen everywhere in our daily life. PMMA has many excellent properties, making it widely used. In addition to being used as a seat cover, windshield and string window on an airplane, it is also used as a windshield and window for a jeep, a skylight for a large building (to prevent breakage), a screen for television and radar, a protective cover for instruments and equipment, a shell of a telecommunication instrument, an optical lens on a telescope, and a camera.

There are many kinds of daily necessities made of organic glass, such as buttons made of pearlescent organic glass, and all kinds of toys and lamps and lanterns also have the decorative effect of colored organic glass, which is particularly beautiful.

Plexiglass has another wonderful use in medicine, that is, making artificial cornea. If the transparent cornea of human eyes is covered with opaque substances, light can not enter the eye. This is the blindness caused by total leukoplakia, and the disease can not be treated with drugs. Therefore, the medical profession envisaged the use of artificial corneas instead of leukoplakia cornea. The so-called artificial cornea, which is made of a transparent material, makes a mirror column with a diameter of only a few millimeters, and then drills a small hole in the cornea of the human eye, fixed the mirror column on the cornea, and the light through the mirror column into the eye, the eye can see the light again.

As early as 1771, ophthalmologists used optical glass to make a lens and implanted cornea, but failed. Later, using crystal instead of optical glass, it took only half a year to fail. In the Second World War, when some aircraft were wrecked, the cockpit covers made of organic glass were bombed, and the pilots' eyes were embedded with organic glass fragments. After many years, although these fragments were not removed, they did not cause any inflammation or other adverse reactions. This accident happened to show that there is good compatibility between plexiglass and human tissue. It also inspired the ophthalmologist to make artificial cornea with organic glass. It has good light transmittance, stable chemical properties, non-toxic to the human body, easy to process into the desired shape, and can be compatible with the human eye. Artificial cornea made of Plexiglas has been widely used in clinic.

1. building applications: windows, noise doors and windows, lighting covers, telephone kiosks, etc.

2. advertising applications: light boxes, signboards, signboards, exhibition stands, etc.

3. traffic applications: trains, cars, and other vehicles, doors and windows, etc.

4. medical applications: baby incubators, various surgical instruments, civilian supplies: bathroom facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, scaffolds, aquarium, etc.

5. industrial application: instrument panel and cover and so on

6. lighting applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamps, etc.

7. home applications: fruit plates, tissue boxes, acrylic art paintings and other household products.

The application of plexiglass is more and more extensive, which brings great convenience to daily work and life.

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