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The first choice of the modern fashion furniture of acrylic furniture

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Now people are getting higher and higher in the design of creative works, and the pursuit of new things is always boring, but acrylic is different from other new things in the Epiphyllum, but more and more occupy the heart of people.

Acrylic it is easy to wear and molding is to follow this idea, other materials can not reach the effect, acrylic can be reached, and this is a reason for acrylic to be thrown into the furniture industry. In fact, there is a very practical reason, that is, it is easy to clean acrylic, so it can save you a lot of cleaning furniture. Acrylic furniture has drawn the advantages of other furniture and complements the shortcomings of other furniture. Maybe I say a little exaggeration, but it is a fact that the defects of some furniture are the fact that the name of acrylic crystal is the top grade of acrylic furniture, and the crystal general furniture is appreciated by everyone. . In fact, the cost performance of acrylic (PMMA) furniture is higher than that of glass. Transparent furniture can visually expand the sense of space. Transparent furniture is more suitable for some modern style interior design elements.

Guangzhou wide color Advertising Co., Ltd. is located in the East Long Industrial Zone of Fangcun, Guangzhou, founded in 1988, with high-end advertising and research and development products as the mainstream, advertisers from the oil station, mobile, subway, banking, and 4S stores. Product mainstream acrylic furniture, gathering all over the country media, soft clothing, TV stations, hotels, clubs, bars, villas and other advanced places to use, is popular in Southeast Asia. Designers are constantly developing new concept products, leading the development of the industry with quality design, replacing the wooden structure with the concept of environmental protection, thus changing the moment of historical testimony.


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